Chapter 18.04. Accountancy.
Chapter 18.06. East Asian medicine practitioners.
Chapter 18.08. Architects.
Chapter 18.11. Auctioneers.
Chapter 18.16. Cosmetologists, hair designers, barbers, manicurists, and estheticians.
Chapter 18.19. Counselors.
Chapter 18.20. Assisted living facilities.
Chapter 18.22. Podiatric medicine and surgery.
Chapter 18.25. Chiropractic.
Chapter 18.27. Registration of contractors.
Chapter 18.28. Debt adjusting.
Chapter 18.29. Dental hygienists.
Chapter 18.30. Denturists.
Chapter 18.32. Dentistry.
Chapter 18.34. Dispensing opticians.
Chapter 18.35. Hearing and speech services.
Chapter 18.36. Drugless healing.
Chapter 18.36A. Naturopathy.
Chapter 18.39. Embalmers—Funeral directors.
Chapter 18.43. Engineers and land surveyors.
Chapter 18.44. Escrow agent registration act.
Chapter 18.46. Birthing centers.
Chapter 18.50. Midwifery.
Chapter 18.51. Nursing homes.
Chapter 18.52. Nursing home administrators.
Chapter 18.52C. Nursing pools.
Chapter 18.53. Optometry.
Chapter 18.54. Optometry board.
Chapter 18.55. Ocularists.
Chapter 18.57. Osteopathy—Osteopathic medicine and surgery.
Chapter 18.57A. Osteopathic physician assistants.
Chapter 18.59. Occupational therapy.
Chapter 18.64. Pharmacists.
Chapter 18.64A. Pharmacy assistants.
Chapter 18.71. Physicians.
Chapter 18.71A. Physician assistants.
Chapter 18.73. Emergency medical care and transportation services.
Chapter 18.74. Physical therapy.
Chapter 18.76. Poison information centers.
Chapter 18.79. Nursing care.
Chapter 18.83. Psychologists.
Chapter 18.84. Radiologic technologists.
Chapter 18.85. Real estate brokers and managing brokers.
Chapter 18.86. Real estate brokerage relationships.
Chapter 18.88A. Nursing assistants.
Chapter 18.88B. Long-term care workers.
Chapter 18.89. Respiratory care practitioners.
Chapter 18.92. Veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry.
Chapter 18.96. Landscape architects.
Chapter 18.100. Professional service corporations.
Chapter 18.104. Water well construction.
Chapter 18.106. Plumbers.
Chapter 18.108. Massage practitioners.
Chapter 18.110. Art dealers—Artists.
Chapter 18.118. Regulation of business professions.
Chapter 18.120. Regulation of health professions—Criteria.
Chapter 18.122. Regulation of health professions—Uniform administrative provisions.
Chapter 18.130. Regulation of health professions—Uniform disciplinary act.
Chapter 18.138. Dietitians and nutritionists.
Chapter 18.140. Certified real estate appraiser act.
Chapter 18.145. Court reporting practice act.
Chapter 18.155. Sex offender treatment providers.
Chapter 18.160. Fire sprinkler system contractors.
Chapter 18.165. Private investigators.
Chapter 18.170. Security guards.
Chapter 18.180. Process servers.
Chapter 18.185. Bail bond agents.
Chapter 18.190. Operation as limited liability company.
Chapter 18.195. Consumer Access to Vision Care Act.
Chapter 18.200. Orthotic and prosthetic services.
Chapter 18.205. Chemical dependency professionals.
Chapter 18.210. On-site wastewater treatment systems—Designer licensing.
Chapter 18.215. Surgical technologists.
Chapter 18.220. Geologists.
Chapter 18.225. Mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers.
Chapter 18.230. Recreation therapy.
Chapter 18.235. Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
Chapter 18.240. Animal massage practitioners.
Chapter 18.250. Athletic trainers.
Chapter 18.260. Dental professionals.
Chapter 18.270. Fire protection sprinkler fitting.
Chapter 18.280. Home inspectors.
Chapter 18.290. Genetic counselors.
Chapter 18.300. Body art, body piercing, and tattooing.
Chapter 18.310. Appraisal management companies.
Chapter 18.320. Social workers.
Chapter 18.330. Elder and vulnerable adult referral agency act.
Chapter 18.340. Military spouses—Professional licensing.
Chapter 18.350. Dental anesthesia assistants.
Chapter 18.360. Medical assistants.
Chapter 18.370. Tanning facilities.
Chapter 18.380. Applied behavior analysis.
Chapter 18.390. Continuing care retirement communities.