Chapter 19.02. Business license center act.
Chapter 19.06. Blind made products—Services.
Chapter 19.09. Charitable solicitations.
Chapter 19.16. Collection agencies.
Chapter 19.25. Reproduced sound recordings.
Chapter 19.27. State building code.
Chapter 19.27A. Energy-related building standards.
Chapter 19.28. Electricians and electrical installations.
Chapter 19.29. Electrical construction.
Chapter 19.29A. Consumers of electricity.
Chapter 19.30. Farm labor contractors.
Chapter 19.31. Employment agencies.
Chapter 19.34. Washington electronic authentication act.
Chapter 19.36. Contracts and credit agreements requiring writings.
Chapter 19.40. Uniform fraudulent transfer act.
Chapter 19.48. Hotels, lodging houses, etc.—Restaurants.
Chapter 19.52. Interest—Usury.
Chapter 19.56. Unsolicited goods.
Chapter 19.58. Motion picture fair competition act.
Chapter 19.60. Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers.
Chapter 19.64. Radio broadcasting.
Chapter 19.68. Rebating by practitioners of healing professions.
Chapter 19.72. Suretyship.
Chapter 19.76. Beverage bottles, etc.—Labeling—Refilling.
Chapter 19.77. Trademark registration.
Chapter 19.80. Trade names.
Chapter 19.83. Trading stamp licenses.
Chapter 19.84. Trading stamps and premiums.
Chapter 19.85. Regulatory fairness act.
Chapter 19.86. Unfair business practices—Consumer protection.
Chapter 19.91. Unfair cigarette sales below cost act.
Chapter 19.94. Weights and measures.
Chapter 19.98. Farm implements, machinery, parts.
Chapter 19.100. Franchise investment protection.
Chapter 19.105. Camping resorts.
Chapter 19.108. Uniform trade secrets act.
Chapter 19.110. Business opportunity fraud act.
Chapter 19.112. Motor fuel quality act.
Chapter 19.116. Motor vehicle subleasing or transfer.
Chapter 19.118. Motor vehicle warranties.
Chapter 19.120. Gasoline dealer bill of rights act.
Chapter 19.122. Underground utilities.
Chapter 19.126. Wholesale distributors and suppliers of spirits or malt beverages.
Chapter 19.130. Telephone buyers' protection act.
Chapter 19.134. Credit services organizations act.
Chapter 19.138. Sellers of travel.
Chapter 19.142. Health studio services.
Chapter 19.144. Mortgage lending and homeownership.
Chapter 19.146. Mortgage broker practices act.
Chapter 19.148. Mortgage loan servicing.
Chapter 19.149. Residential mortgage loan closing—Valuation disclosure.
Chapter 19.150. Self-service storage facilities.
Chapter 19.154. Immigration services fraud prevention act.
Chapter 19.158. Commercial telephone solicitation.
Chapter 19.160. Business telephone listings.
Chapter 19.162. Pay-per-call information delivery services.
Chapter 19.166. International student exchange.
Chapter 19.170. Promotional advertising of prizes.
Chapter 19.174. Automated teller machines and night depositories security.
Chapter 19.178. Going out of business sales.
Chapter 19.182. Fair credit reporting act.
Chapter 19.184. Wheelchairs.
Chapter 19.186. Roofing and siding contractors and salespersons.
Chapter 19.188. Electronic media violence.
Chapter 19.190. Commercial electronic mail.
Chapter 19.192. Proof of identity.
Chapter 19.194. Trade-in or exchange of computer hardware.
Chapter 19.200. Automated financial transactions.
Chapter 19.205. Structured settlement protection.
Chapter 19.210. Unused property merchants.
Chapter 19.215. Disposal of personal information.
Chapter 19.220. International matchmaking organizations.
Chapter 19.225. Uniform athlete agents act.
Chapter 19.230. Uniform money services act.
Chapter 19.235. Movie theaters—Unauthorized recording.
Chapter 19.240. Gift certificates.
Chapter 19.245. Automated teller machines.
Chapter 19.250. Disclosure of personal wireless numbers.
Chapter 19.255. Personal information—Notice of security breaches.
Chapter 19.260. Energy efficiency.
Chapter 19.265. Tax refund anticipation loans.
Chapter 19.270. Computer spyware.
Chapter 19.275. Antipyramid promotional scheme act.
Chapter 19.280. Electric utility resource plans.
Chapter 19.285. Energy independence act.
Chapter 19.290. Metal property.
Chapter 19.295. Estate distribution documents.
Chapter 19.300. Electronic communication devices.
Chapter 19.305. Cigarette ignition propensity.
Chapter 19.310. Exchange facilitators.
Chapter 19.315. Consumer rebates.
Chapter 19.320. Human trafficking.
Chapter 19.330. Stolen or misappropriated information technology.
Chapter 19.335. Veterans' benefit-related services.
Chapter 19.340. Pharmacy benefit managers.
Chapter 19.345. Ticket sellers.
Chapter 19.350. Patent infringement—Bad faith assertions.
Chapter 19.355. Locksmith services.
Chapter 19.360. Electronic signatures and records.
Chapter 19.365. Radiology benefit managers.
Chapter 19.370. Performing rights societies.