Chapter 90.03. Water code.
Chapter 90.08. Stream patrollers.
Chapter 90.14. Water rights—Registration—Waiver and relinquishment, etc.
Chapter 90.16. Appropriation of water for public and industrial purposes.
Chapter 90.22. Minimum water flows and levels.
Chapter 90.24. Regulation of outflow of lakes.
Chapter 90.28. Miscellaneous rights and duties.
Chapter 90.36. Artesian wells.
Chapter 90.38. Yakima river basin water rights.
Chapter 90.40. Water rights of United States.
Chapter 90.42. Water resource management.
Chapter 90.44. Regulation of public groundwaters.
Chapter 90.46. Reclaimed water use.
Chapter 90.48. Water pollution control.
Chapter 90.50A. Water pollution control facilities—Federal capitalization grants.
Chapter 90.52. Pollution disclosure act of 1971.
Chapter 90.54. Water resources act of 1971.
Chapter 90.56. Oil and hazardous substance spill prevention and response.
Chapter 90.58. Shoreline management act of 1971.
Chapter 90.64. Dairy nutrient management.
Chapter 90.66. Family farm water act.
Chapter 90.71. Puget Sound water quality protection.
Chapter 90.72. Shellfish protection districts.
Chapter 90.74. Aquatic resources mitigation.
Chapter 90.76. Underground storage tanks.
Chapter 90.80. Water conservancy boards.
Chapter 90.82. Watershed planning.
Chapter 90.84. Wetlands mitigation banking.
Chapter 90.86. Joint legislative committee on water supply during drought.
Chapter 90.88. Aquatic rehabilitation zones.
Chapter 90.90. Columbia river basin water supply.
Chapter 90.92. Pilot local water management program.