Chapter 9.01. General provisions.
Chapter 9.02. Abortion.
Chapter 9.03. Abandoned refrigeration equipment.
Chapter 9.04. Advertising, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.05. Sabotage.
Chapter 9.08. Animals, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.12. Barratry.
Chapter 9.16. Brands and marks, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.18. Bidding offenses.
Chapter 9.24. Corporations, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.26A. Telecommunications crime.
Chapter 9.27. Interference with court.
Chapter 9.31. Escaped prisoner recaptured.
Chapter 9.35. Identity crimes.
Chapter 9.38. False representations.
Chapter 9.40. Fire, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.41. Firearms and dangerous weapons.
Chapter 9.44. Petition misconduct.
Chapter 9.45. Frauds and swindles.
Chapter 9.46. Gambling—1973 act.
Chapter 9.47. Gambling.
Chapter 9.47A. Inhaling toxic fumes.
Chapter 9.51. Juries, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.54. Stolen property restoration.
Chapter 9.55. Legislature, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.61. Malicious mischief—Injury to property.
Chapter 9.62. Malicious prosecution—Abuse of process.
Chapter 9.66. Nuisance.
Chapter 9.68. Obscenity and pornography.
Chapter 9.68A. Sexual exploitation of children.
Chapter 9.69. Duty of witnesses.
Chapter 9.72. Perjury.
Chapter 9.73. Privacy, violating right of.
Chapter 9.81. Subversive activities.
Chapter 9.82. Treason.
Chapter 9.86. Flags, crimes relating to.
Chapter 9.91. Miscellaneous crimes.
Chapter 9.92. Punishment.
Chapter 9.94. Prisoners—Correctional institutions.
Chapter 9.94A. Sentencing reform act of 1981.
Chapter 9.94B. Sentencing—Crimes committed prior to July 1, 2000.
Chapter 9.95. Indeterminate sentences.
Chapter 9.96. Restoration of civil rights.
Chapter 9.96A. Restoration of employment rights.
Chapter 9.97. Certificates of restoration of opportunity.
Chapter 9.98. Prisoners—Untried indictments, informations, complaints.
Chapter 9.100. Agreement on detainers.
Chapter 9.101. Criminal street gang definitions—State preemption.