Chapter 88.16. Pilotage act.  

Section 88.16.005. Legislative declaration of policy and intent.
Section 88.16.010. Board of pilotage commissioners—Created—Chairperson—Members—Terms—Qualifications—Vacancies—Quorum.
Section 88.16.020. Board of pilotage commissioners—Office—Compensation and travel expenses of members—Employment of personnel.
Section 88.16.035. Board of pilotage commissioners—Powers and duties.
Section 88.16.040. Oaths and subpoenas—Compelling attendance of witnesses—Contempt.
Section 88.16.050. Pilotage districts and waters affected.
Section 88.16.061. Pilotage account.
Section 88.16.070. Vessels exempted and included under chapter—Fee—Penalty.
Section 88.16.090. Pilot and pilot trainee licenses—Qualifications—Duration—Annual fee—Examinations and evaluations—Training program and license—Penalty—Reporting requirements.
Section 88.16.100. Pilots' licenses—Revocation, suspension, etc., of—Reprimand or fine—Other disciplinary actions—Procedure—Judicial review.
Section 88.16.102. Pilots' licenses—Mandatory termination of.
Section 88.16.103. Mandatory rest periods for pilots and pilot trainees—Rules—Assignment refusal—Penalty.
Section 88.16.105. Size and type of vessels prescribed for newly licensed pilot—Rules.
Section 88.16.107. Pilots or pilot trainees may testify without sanctions for doing so.
Section 88.16.110. Pilots to file quarterly report—Contents.
Section 88.16.115. Limiting liability of pilots and any countywide port district in Grays Harbor pilotage district—Deemed in public interest.
Section 88.16.118. Limited liability of pilots and pilot trainees—Liability of vessel, owner, or operator not limited.
Section 88.16.120. Failure to observe pilotage rate—Penalty.
Section 88.16.130. Unlicensed pilot liable for payment of rates—Penalty for refusing to employ licensed pilot.
Section 88.16.133. Deviations from state law—Duty to submit pilot's report.
Section 88.16.135. Assignment of pilots to vessels—Request that pilot not be assigned—Hearing on request.
Section 88.16.140. Pilot's lien for compensation.
Section 88.16.150. General penalty—Civil penalty—Jurisdiction—Disposition of fines—Failure to inform of special directions, gross misdemeanor.
Section 88.16.155. Vessel master to make certification before pilotage service offered—Procedure upon refusal—Rules—Penalties—Exception.
Section 88.16.160. Severability and short title.
Section 88.16.170. Oil tankers—Intent and purpose.
Section 88.16.180. Oil tankers—State licensed pilot required.
Section 88.16.190. Oil tankers—Restricted waters—Standard safety features required—Exemptions.
Section 88.16.195. Oil tankers—Not to exceed speed of escorting tug.
Section 88.16.200. Vessel designed to carry liquefied natural or petroleum gas to adhere to oil tanker provisions.
Section 88.16.250. Board of pilotage commissioners authorized to adopt rules—Grays Harbor pilotage district—Tug escort requirements/safety measures for certain oil tankers.