Chapter 88.02. Vessel registration.  

Section 88.02.310. Definitions.
Section 88.02.320. Department—Powers and duties.
Section 88.02.330. Confidential vessel registrations—Rules.
Section 88.02.340. Inspection of registration certificates, out-of-state vessels.
Section 88.02.350. Refunds, overpayments, and underpayments—Penalty for false statement.
Section 88.02.360. Contaminated vessels.
Section 88.02.370. Five business-day notice—Vessel disposition or filing of report of sale.
Section 88.02.375. Fifteen-day notice—Owner address change or destruction, loss, etc. of vessel or registration certificate.
Section 88.02.380. Penalties—Disposition of moneys collected—Enforcement authority.
Section 88.02.390. Carbon monoxide warning sticker—Display required.
Section 88.02.400. Evasive registration and excise tax evasion—Penalty.
Section 88.02.410. Department and state immune from suit for administration of chapter.
Section 88.02.420. Moorage providers—Long-term moorage—Required information.
Section 88.02.430. Disclosure of vessel owner records.
Section 88.02.500. Certificate of title system—Intent.
Section 88.02.510. Application—When, by whom.
Section 88.02.515. Application—Form and contents.
Section 88.02.520. Security interests.
Section 88.02.530. Duplicate certificates of title.
Section 88.02.540. Quick title—Application requirements—Subagents.
Section 88.02.550. Registration and display of registration number and decal required—Exemptions.
Section 88.02.560. Application—Form and contents—Registration number and decal—Renewals—Marine oil refuse dump and holding tank information—Transfer.
Section 88.02.570. Exemptions.
Section 88.02.580. Voluntary donations—Maritime historic restoration and preservation.
Section 88.02.590. Duplicate registration certificates.
Section 88.02.595. Replacement decals.
Section 88.02.600. Carbon monoxide poisoning informational brochure.
Section 88.02.610. Vessel visitor permit.
Section 88.02.620. Nonresident vessel permit.
Section 88.02.640. Fees by type—Disposition, distribution.
Section 88.02.650. Deposit of fees in general fund—Allocation for boating safety and education and law enforcement purposes.
Section 88.02.660. Maritime historic restoration and preservation account.
Section 88.02.710. Requirements—Surety bond—Fees.
Section 88.02.720. Exemptions.
Section 88.02.730. Business address—Office—Identification of business.
Section 88.02.740. Vessel dealer license required—Penalty.
Section 88.02.750. Denial, suspension, or revocation of vessel dealer license—Penalties—Subterfuge.
Section 88.02.755. Vessel registration or vessel dealer license suspension—Noncompliance with support order—Reissuance.
Section 88.02.760. Evidence of ownership by vessel dealers—Sales of consigned vessels—Assignment and warranty of certificates of title.
Section 88.02.770. Receipt of cash or negotiable instrument before delivery of vessel—Trust account.
Section 88.02.780. Records of the purchase and sale of vessels.
Section 88.02.790. Vessel dealer display decals—Use.
Section 88.02.795. Additional penalties for unauthorized or personal use of dealer display decals.
Section 88.02.800. Issuance of temporary permits—Fee.