Title 82. EXCISE TAXES  

Chapter 82.01. Department of revenue.
Chapter 82.02. General provisions.
Chapter 82.03. Board of tax appeals.
Chapter 82.04. Business and occupation tax.
Chapter 82.08. Retail sales tax.
Chapter 82.12. Use tax.
Chapter 82.14. Local retail sales and use taxes.
Chapter 82.14A. Cities and towns—License fees and taxes on financial institutions.
Chapter 82.14B. Counties—Tax on telephone access line use.
Chapter 82.16. Public utility tax.
Chapter 82.18. Solid waste collection tax.
Chapter 82.19. Litter tax.
Chapter 82.21. Hazardous substance tax—Model toxics control act.
Chapter 82.23A. Petroleum products—Underground storage tank program funding.
Chapter 82.23B. Oil spill response tax.
Chapter 82.24. Tax on cigarettes.
Chapter 82.26. Tax on tobacco products.
Chapter 82.27. Tax on enhanced food fish.
Chapter 82.29A. Leasehold excise tax.
Chapter 82.32. General administrative provisions.
Chapter 82.32A. Taxpayer rights and responsibilities.
Chapter 82.33. Economic and revenue forecasts.
Chapter 82.33A. Economic climate council.
Chapter 82.34. Pollution control facilities—Tax exemptions and credits.
Chapter 82.38. Fuel tax act.
Chapter 82.41. Multistate motor fuel tax agreement.
Chapter 82.42. Aircraft fuel tax.
Chapter 82.44. Motor vehicle excise tax.
Chapter 82.45. Excise tax on real estate sales.
Chapter 82.46. Counties and cities—Excise tax on real estate sales.
Chapter 82.47. Border area motor vehicle fuel and special fuel tax.
Chapter 82.48. Aircraft excise tax.
Chapter 82.49. Watercraft excise tax.
Chapter 82.50. Travel trailers and campers excise tax.
Chapter 82.52. Extension of excises to federal areas.
Chapter 82.56. Multistate tax compact.
Chapter 82.58. Simplified sales and use tax administration act.
Chapter 82.60. Tax deferrals for investment projects in rural counties.
Chapter 82.62. Tax credits for eligible business projects in rural counties.
Chapter 82.63. Tax deferrals for high-technology businesses.
Chapter 82.64. Syrup tax.
Chapter 82.65A. Intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities.
Chapter 82.66. Tax deferrals for new thoroughbred racetracks.
Chapter 82.70. Commute trip reduction incentives.
Chapter 82.73. Washington main street program tax incentives.
Chapter 82.74. Tax deferrals for fruit and vegetable businesses.
Chapter 82.75. Tax deferrals for biotechnology and medical device manufacturing businesses.
Chapter 82.80. Local option transportation taxes.
Chapter 82.82. Community empowerment zones—Tax deferral program.
Chapter 82.85. Job creation and economic development investment incentives—Pilot program.
Chapter 82.98. Construction.