Chapter 81.01. General provisions.
Chapter 81.04. Regulations—General.
Chapter 81.08. Securities.
Chapter 81.12. Transfers of property.
Chapter 81.16. Affiliated interests.
Chapter 81.20. Investigation of public service companies.
Chapter 81.24. Regulatory fees.
Chapter 81.28. Common carriers in general.
Chapter 81.29. Common carriers—Limitations on liability.
Chapter 81.36. Railroads—Corporate powers and duties.
Chapter 81.40. Railroads—Employee requirements and regulations.
Chapter 81.44. Common carriers—Equipment.
Chapter 81.48. Railroads—Operating requirements and regulations.
Chapter 81.52. Railroads—Rights-of-way—Spurs—Fences.
Chapter 81.53. Railroads—Crossings.
Chapter 81.54. Railroads—Inspection of industrial crossings.
Chapter 81.60. Railroads—Railroad police and regulations.
Chapter 81.61. Railroads—Passenger-carrying vehicles for employees.
Chapter 81.64. Street railways.
Chapter 81.66. Transportation for persons with special needs.
Chapter 81.68. Auto transportation companies.
Chapter 81.70. Passenger charter and excursion carriers.
Chapter 81.72. Taxicab companies.
Chapter 81.75. Transportation centers.
Chapter 81.77. Solid waste collection companies.
Chapter 81.80. Motor freight carriers.
Chapter 81.84. Commercial ferries.
Chapter 81.88. Gas and hazardous liquid pipelines.
Chapter 81.96. Western regional short-haul air transportation compact.
Chapter 81.100. High occupancy vehicle systems.
Chapter 81.104. High capacity transportation systems.
Chapter 81.108. Low-level radioactive waste sites.
Chapter 81.112. Regional transit authorities.
Chapter 81.900. Construction.