Title 79. PUBLIC LANDS  

Chapter 79.02. Public lands management—General.
Chapter 79.10. Land management authorities and policies.
Chapter 79.11. State land sales.
Chapter 79.13. Land leases.
Chapter 79.14. Mineral, coal, oil, and gas leases.
Chapter 79.15. Sale of valuable materials.
Chapter 79.17. Land transfers.
Chapter 79.19. Land bank.
Chapter 79.22. Acquisition, management, and disposition of state forestlands.
Chapter 79.24. Capitol building lands.
Chapter 79.36. Easements over public lands.
Chapter 79.38. Access roads.
Chapter 79.44. Assessments and charges against lands of the state.
Chapter 79.64. Funds for managing and administering lands.
Chapter 79.70. Natural area preserves.
Chapter 79.71. Washington natural resources conservation areas.
Chapter 79.73. Milwaukee road corridor.
Chapter 79.100. Derelict vessels.
Chapter 79.105. Aquatic lands—General.
Chapter 79.110. Aquatic lands—Easements and rights-of-way.
Chapter 79.115. Aquatic lands—Harbor areas.
Chapter 79.120. Aquatic lands—Waterways and streets.
Chapter 79.125. Aquatic lands—Tidelands and shorelands.
Chapter 79.130. Aquatic lands—Beds of navigable waters.
Chapter 79.135. Aquatic lands—Oysters, geoducks, shellfish, other aquacultural uses, and marine aquatic plants.
Chapter 79.140. Aquatic lands—Valuable materials.
Chapter 79.145. Marine plastic debris.
Chapter 79.150. Forest biomass materials located on state lands.
Chapter 79.155. Community forest trusts.