Chapter 74.04. General provisions—Administration.
Chapter 74.08. Eligibility generally—Standards of assistance.
Chapter 74.08A. Washington WorkFirst temporary assistance for needy families.
Chapter 74.09. Medical care.
Chapter 74.09A. Medical assistance—Coordination of benefits—Computerized information transfer.
Chapter 74.12. Temporary assistance for needy families.
Chapter 74.12A. Incentive to work—Economic independence.
Chapter 74.13. Child welfare services.
Chapter 74.13A. Adoption support.
Chapter 74.13B. Child welfare system—Contracting for services.
Chapter 74.14A. Children and family services.
Chapter 74.14B. Children's services.
Chapter 74.14C. Family preservation services.
Chapter 74.15. Care of children, expectant mothers, persons with developmental disabilities.
Chapter 74.18. Department of services for the blind.
Chapter 74.20. Support of dependent children.
Chapter 74.20A. Support of dependent children—Alternative method—1971 act.
Chapter 74.25. Job opportunities and basic skills training program.
Chapter 74.25A. Employment partnership program.
Chapter 74.26. Services for children with multiple handicaps.
Chapter 74.29. Rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities.
Chapter 74.31. Traumatic brain injuries.
Chapter 74.34. Abuse of vulnerable adults.
Chapter 74.36. Funding for community programs for the aging.
Chapter 74.38. Senior citizens services act.
Chapter 74.39. Long-term care service options.
Chapter 74.39A. Long-term care services options—Expansion.
Chapter 74.41. Respite care services.
Chapter 74.42. Nursing homes—Resident care, operating standards.
Chapter 74.46. Nursing facility medicaid payment system.
Chapter 74.48. Skilled nursing facility safety net assessments.
Chapter 74.50. Alcoholism and drug addiction treatment and support.
Chapter 74.55. Children's system of care.
Chapter 74.60. Hospital safety net assessment.
Chapter 74.62. Aged, blind, or disabled assistance program—Pregnant women assistance program—Essential needs and housing support program.
Chapter 74.64. Medical services program—Waste, fraud, abuse detection, prevention, and recovery solutions.
Chapter 74.66. Medicaid fraud false claims act.
Chapter 74.98. Construction.