Title 48. INSURANCE  

Chapter 48.01. Initial provisions.
Chapter 48.02. Insurance commissioner.
Chapter 48.03. Examinations.
Chapter 48.04. Hearings and appeals.
Chapter 48.05. Insurers—General requirements.
Chapter 48.05A. Risk management and solvency assessment.
Chapter 48.06. Organization of domestic insurers.
Chapter 48.07. Domestic insurers—Powers.
Chapter 48.08. Domestic stock insurers.
Chapter 48.09. Mutual insurers.
Chapter 48.10. Reciprocal insurers.
Chapter 48.11. Insuring powers.
Chapter 48.12. Assets and liabilities.
Chapter 48.13. Investments.
Chapter 48.14. Fees and taxes.
Chapter 48.15. Unauthorized insurers.
Chapter 48.16. Deposits of insurers.
Chapter 48.17. Insurance producers, title insurance agents, and adjusters.
Chapter 48.18. The insurance contract.
Chapter 48.18A. Variable contract act.
Chapter 48.19. Rates.
Chapter 48.20. Disability insurance.
Chapter 48.21. Group and blanket disability insurance.
Chapter 48.21A. Disability insurance—Extended health.
Chapter 48.22. Casualty insurance.
Chapter 48.23. Life insurance and annuities.
Chapter 48.23A. Life insurance policy illustrations.
Chapter 48.24. Group life and annuities.
Chapter 48.25. Industrial life insurance.
Chapter 48.25A. Life insurance—Profit-sharing, charter, founders, and coupon policies.
Chapter 48.27. Property insurance.
Chapter 48.28. Surety insurance.
Chapter 48.29. Title insurers.
Chapter 48.30. Unfair practices and frauds.
Chapter 48.30A. Insurance fraud.
Chapter 48.31. Mergers, rehabilitation, liquidation, supervision.
Chapter 48.31B. Insurer holding company act.
Chapter 48.32. Washington insurance guaranty association act.
Chapter 48.32A. Washington life and disability insurance guaranty association act.
Chapter 48.34. Credit life insurance and credit accident and health insurance.
Chapter 48.35. Alien insurers.
Chapter 48.36A. Fraternal benefit societies.
Chapter 48.37. Market conduct oversight.
Chapter 48.38. Charitable gift annuity business.
Chapter 48.39. Contracts between insurance carriers, health care providers, and third-party payors.
Chapter 48.41. Health insurance coverage access act.
Chapter 48.42. Personal coverage, general authority.
Chapter 48.43. Insurance reform.
Chapter 48.44. Health care services.
Chapter 48.45. Rural health care.
Chapter 48.46. Health maintenance organizations.
Chapter 48.47. Mandated health benefits.
Chapter 48.50. Insurance fraud reporting immunity act.
Chapter 48.53. Fire insurance—Arson fraud reduction.
Chapter 48.56. Insurance premium finance company act.
Chapter 48.58. Riot reinsurance reimbursement.
Chapter 48.62. Local government insurance transactions.
Chapter 48.64. Affordable housing entities—Joint self-insurance programs.
Chapter 48.66. Medicare supplemental health insurance act.
Chapter 48.68. Health care savings account act.
Chapter 48.70. Specified disease insurance act.
Chapter 48.74. Standard valuation law.
Chapter 48.76. Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance.
Chapter 48.80. Health care false claim act.
Chapter 48.83. Long-term care insurance coverage—Standards.
Chapter 48.84. Long-term care insurance act.
Chapter 48.85. Washington long-term care partnership.
Chapter 48.87. Midwives and birthing centers—Joint underwriting association.
Chapter 48.88. Day care services—Joint underwriting association.
Chapter 48.90. Child day care centers—Self-insurance.
Chapter 48.92. Liability risk retention.
Chapter 48.94. Reinsurance intermediary act.
Chapter 48.97. Producer-controlled property and casualty insurer act.
Chapter 48.98. Managing general agents act.
Chapter 48.99. Uniform insurers liquidation act.
Chapter 48.102. Life settlements act.
Chapter 48.110. Service contracts and protection product guarantees.
Chapter 48.111. Home heating fuel service contracts.
Chapter 48.115. Rental car insurance.
Chapter 48.120. Specialty producer licenses—Portable electronics or services.
Chapter 48.125. Self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangements.
Chapter 48.130. Interstate insurance product regulation compact.
Chapter 48.135. Insurance fraud program.
Chapter 48.140. Medical malpractice closed claim reporting.
Chapter 48.150. Direct patient-provider primary health care.
Chapter 48.155. Health care discount plan organization act.
Chapter 48.160. Guaranteed asset protection waivers.
Chapter 48.164. Excess flood insurance—Joint underwriting association.
Chapter 48.165. Uniform administrative procedures—Health care services.
Chapter 48.170. Self-service storage insurance producers.
Chapter 48.175. Personal vehicle sharing programs.
Chapter 48.177. Commercial transportation services.
Chapter 48.180. Nonprofit corporations—Joint self-insurance programs.
Chapter 48.185. Electronic notices and document delivery.