Chapter 47.01. Department of transportation.
Chapter 47.02. Department buildings.
Chapter 47.04. General provisions.
Chapter 47.05. Priority programming for highway development.
Chapter 47.06. Statewide transportation planning.
Chapter 47.06A. Freight mobility.
Chapter 47.08. Highway funds.
Chapter 47.10. Highway construction bonds.
Chapter 47.12. Acquisition and disposition of state highway property.
Chapter 47.14. Right-of-way donations.
Chapter 47.17. State highway routes.
Chapter 47.20. Miscellaneous projects.
Chapter 47.22. Combination highway routes.
Chapter 47.24. City streets as part of state highways.
Chapter 47.26. Development in urban areas—Urban arterials.
Chapter 47.28. Construction and maintenance of highways.
Chapter 47.29. Transportation innovative partnerships.
Chapter 47.30. Trails and paths.
Chapter 47.32. Obstructions on right-of-way.
Chapter 47.36. Traffic control devices.
Chapter 47.38. Roadside areas—Safety rest areas.
Chapter 47.39. Scenic and recreational highway act of 1967.
Chapter 47.40. Roadside improvement and beautification.
Chapter 47.41. Junkyards adjacent to interstate and primary highways.
Chapter 47.42. Highway advertising control act—Scenic vistas act.
Chapter 47.44. Franchises on state highways.
Chapter 47.46. Public-private transportation initiatives.
Chapter 47.48. Closing highways and restricting traffic.
Chapter 47.50. Highway access management.
Chapter 47.52. Limited access facilities.
Chapter 47.56. State toll bridges, tunnels, and ferries.
Chapter 47.58. Existing and additional bridges.
Chapter 47.60. Puget Sound ferry and toll bridge system.
Chapter 47.64. Marine employees—Public employment relations.
Chapter 47.66. Multimodal transportation programs.
Chapter 47.68. Aeronautics.
Chapter 47.72. Navigation canals.
Chapter 47.76. Rail freight service.
Chapter 47.78. High capacity transportation development.
Chapter 47.79. High-speed ground transportation.
Chapter 47.80. Regional transportation planning organizations.
Chapter 47.82. Amtrak.
Chapter 47.85. Transportation project delivery and review.
Chapter 47.98. Construction.