Chapter 46.01. Department of licensing.
Chapter 46.04. Definitions.
Chapter 46.08. General provisions.
Chapter 46.09. Off-road, nonhighway, and wheeled all-terrain vehicles.
Chapter 46.10. Snowmobiles.
Chapter 46.12. Certificates of title.
Chapter 46.16A. Registration.
Chapter 46.17. Vehicle fees.
Chapter 46.18. Special license plates.
Chapter 46.19. Special parking privileges for persons with disabilities.
Chapter 46.20. Drivers' licenses—Identicards.
Chapter 46.21. Driver license compact.
Chapter 46.23. Nonresident violator compact.
Chapter 46.25. Uniform commercial driver's license act.
Chapter 46.29. Financial responsibility.
Chapter 46.30. Mandatory liability insurance.
Chapter 46.32. Vehicle inspection.
Chapter 46.35. Recording devices in motor vehicles.
Chapter 46.37. Vehicle lighting and other equipment.
Chapter 46.44. Size, weight, load.
Chapter 46.48. Transportation of hazardous materials.
Chapter 46.52. Accidents—Reports—Abandoned vehicles.
Chapter 46.55. Towing and impoundment.
Chapter 46.61. Rules of the road.
Chapter 46.63. Disposition of traffic infractions.
Chapter 46.64. Enforcement.
Chapter 46.65. Washington habitual traffic offenders act.
Chapter 46.66. Washington auto theft prevention authority.
Chapter 46.68. Disposition of revenue.
Chapter 46.70. Dealers and manufacturers.
Chapter 46.71. Automotive repair.
Chapter 46.72. Transportation of passengers in for hire vehicles.
Chapter 46.72A. Limousines.
Chapter 46.73. Private carrier drivers.
Chapter 46.74. Ride sharing.
Chapter 46.76. Motor vehicle transporters.
Chapter 46.79. Hulk haulers and scrap processors.
Chapter 46.80. Vehicle wreckers.
Chapter 46.81A. Motorcycle skills education program.
Chapter 46.82. Driver training schools.
Chapter 46.83. Traffic schools.
Chapter 46.85. Reciprocal or proportional registration of vehicles.
Chapter 46.87. Proportional registration.
Chapter 46.90. Washington model traffic ordinance.
Chapter 46.93. Motorsports vehicles—Dealer and manufacturer franchises.
Chapter 46.96. Manufacturers' and dealers' franchise agreements.
Chapter 46.98. Construction.