Chapter 39.04. Public works.
Chapter 39.06. Public works—Registration, licensing, of contractors.
Chapter 39.08. Contractor's bond.
Chapter 39.10. Alternative public works contracting procedures.
Chapter 39.12. Prevailing wages on public works.
Chapter 39.19. Office of minority and women's business enterprises.
Chapter 39.23. Purchase of products and services of sheltered workshops, DSHS programs.
Chapter 39.24. Public purchase preferences.
Chapter 39.26. Procurement of goods and services.
Chapter 39.28. Emergency public works.
Chapter 39.30. Contracts—Indebtedness limitations—Competitive bidding violations.
Chapter 39.32. Acquisition of governmental property.
Chapter 39.33. Intergovernmental disposition of property.
Chapter 39.34. Interlocal cooperation act.
Chapter 39.35. Energy conservation in design of public facilities.
Chapter 39.35A. Performance-based contracts for water conservation, solid waste reduction, and energy equipment.
Chapter 39.35B. Life-cycle cost analysis of public facilities.
Chapter 39.35C. Energy conservation projects.
Chapter 39.35D. High-performance public buildings.
Chapter 39.36. Limitation of indebtedness of taxing districts.
Chapter 39.40. Vote required at bond elections.
Chapter 39.42. State bonds, notes, and other evidences of indebtedness.
Chapter 39.44. Bonds—Miscellaneous provisions, bond information reporting.
Chapter 39.46. Bonds—Other miscellaneous provisions—Registration.
Chapter 39.48. Bonds sold to government at private sale.
Chapter 39.50. Short-term obligations—Municipal corporations.
Chapter 39.52. Funding indebtedness in counties, cities, and towns.
Chapter 39.53. Refunding bond act.
Chapter 39.56. Warrants.
Chapter 39.58. Public funds—Deposits and investments—Public depositaries.
Chapter 39.59. Public funds—Authorized investments.
Chapter 39.60. Investment of funds in bonds, notes, etc.—Collateral.
Chapter 39.62. Uniform facsimile signature of public officials act.
Chapter 39.64. Taxing district relief.
Chapter 39.67. Agreements between taxing districts.
Chapter 39.69. Public loans to municipal corporations.
Chapter 39.72. Lost or destroyed evidence of indebtedness.
Chapter 39.76. Interest on unpaid public contracts.
Chapter 39.80. Contracts for architectural and engineering services.
Chapter 39.84. Industrial development revenue bonds.
Chapter 39.86. Private activity bond allocation.
Chapter 39.88. Community redevelopment financing act.
Chapter 39.89. Community revitalization financing.
Chapter 39.90. Validation of bonds and financing proceedings.
Chapter 39.92. Local transportation act.
Chapter 39.94. Financing contracts.
Chapter 39.96. Payment agreements.
Chapter 39.98. School district credit enhancement program.
Chapter 39.100. Hospital benefit zones.
Chapter 39.102. Local infrastructure financing tool program.
Chapter 39.104. Local revitalization financing.
Chapter 39.106. Joint municipal utility services.
Chapter 39.108. Local infrastructure project areas.
Chapter 39.110. Local economic development financing.
Chapter 39.112. State land improvement financing areas.