Title 36. COUNTIES  

Chapter 36.01. General provisions.
Chapter 36.04. County boundaries.
Chapter 36.05. Actions to establish boundaries.
Chapter 36.08. Transfer of territory where city's harbor lies in two counties.
Chapter 36.09. New county—Liability for debts.
Chapter 36.12. Removal of county seats.
Chapter 36.13. Classification of counties.
Chapter 36.16. County officers—General.
Chapter 36.17. Salaries of county officers.
Chapter 36.18. Fees of county officers.
Chapter 36.21. County assessor.
Chapter 36.22. County auditor.
Chapter 36.23. County clerk.
Chapter 36.24. County coroner.
Chapter 36.26. Public defender.
Chapter 36.27. Prosecuting attorney.
Chapter 36.28. County sheriff.
Chapter 36.28A. Association of sheriffs and police chiefs.
Chapter 36.29. County treasurer.
Chapter 36.32. County commissioners.
Chapter 36.33. County funds.
Chapter 36.33A. Equipment rental and revolving fund.
Chapter 36.34. County property.
Chapter 36.35. Tax title lands.
Chapter 36.36. Aquifer protection areas.
Chapter 36.37. Agricultural fairs and poultry shows.
Chapter 36.38. Admissions tax.
Chapter 36.39. Assistance and relief.
Chapter 36.40. Budget.
Chapter 36.43. Building codes and fire regulations.
Chapter 36.45. Claims against counties.
Chapter 36.47. Coordination of administrative programs.
Chapter 36.48. Depositaries.
Chapter 36.49. Dog license tax.
Chapter 36.50. Farm and home extension work.
Chapter 36.53. Ferries—Privately owned.
Chapter 36.54. Ferries—County owned.
Chapter 36.55. Franchises on roads and bridges.
Chapter 36.56. Metropolitan municipal corporation functions, etc.—Assumption by counties.
Chapter 36.57. County public transportation authority.
Chapter 36.57A. Public transportation benefit areas.
Chapter 36.58. Solid waste disposal.
Chapter 36.58A. Solid waste collection districts.
Chapter 36.60. County rail districts.
Chapter 36.61. Lake and beach management districts.
Chapter 36.62. Hospitals.
Chapter 36.63. Jails.
Chapter 36.64. Joint governmental activities.
Chapter 36.65. Combined city and county municipal corporations.
Chapter 36.67. Limitation of indebtedness—County bonds.
Chapter 36.68. Parks and recreational facilities.
Chapter 36.69. Park and recreation districts.
Chapter 36.70. Planning enabling act.
Chapter 36.70A. Growth management—Planning by selected counties and cities.
Chapter 36.70B. Local project review.
Chapter 36.70C. Judicial review of land use decisions.
Chapter 36.71. Peddlers' and hawkers' licenses.
Chapter 36.72. Printing.
Chapter 36.73. Transportation benefit districts.
Chapter 36.74. Transportation benefit districts—Assumption by cities and counties.
Chapter 36.75. Roads and bridges—General provisions.
Chapter 36.76. Roads and bridges—Bonds.
Chapter 36.77. Roads and bridges—Construction.
Chapter 36.78. Roads and bridges—County road administration board.
Chapter 36.79. Roads and bridges—Rural arterial program.
Chapter 36.80. Roads and bridges—Engineer.
Chapter 36.81. Roads and bridges—Establishment.
Chapter 36.82. Roads and bridges—Funds—Budget.
Chapter 36.83. Roads and bridges—Service districts.
Chapter 36.85. Roads and bridges—Rights-of-way.
Chapter 36.86. Roads and bridges—Standards.
Chapter 36.87. Roads and bridges—Vacation.
Chapter 36.88. County road improvement districts.
Chapter 36.89. Highways—Open spaces—Parks—Other public facilities—Storm water control.
Chapter 36.90. Southwest Washington fair.
Chapter 36.92. County central services department.
Chapter 36.93. Local governmental organization—Boundaries—Review boards.
Chapter 36.94. Sewerage, water, and drainage systems.
Chapter 36.95. Television reception improvement districts.
Chapter 36.96. Dissolution of inactive special purpose districts.
Chapter 36.100. Public facilities districts.
Chapter 36.102. Stadium and exhibition centers.
Chapter 36.105. Community councils for unincorporated areas of island counties.
Chapter 36.110. Jail industries program.
Chapter 36.115. Service agreements.
Chapter 36.120. Regional transportation investment districts.
Chapter 36.125. Marine resources committees.
Chapter 36.130. Affordable housing developments.
Chapter 36.135. Local public works assistance funds.
Chapter 36.140. Electricity generation from biomass energy.
Chapter 36.145. Community facilities districts.
Chapter 36.150. County ferry districts—County assumption.
Chapter 36.160. Cultural organizations.
Chapter 36.900. Construction.