Chapter 35.01. Municipal corporations classified.
Chapter 35.02. Incorporation proceedings.
Chapter 35.06. Advancement of classification.
Chapter 35.07. Disincorporation.
Chapter 35.10. Consolidation and annexation of cities and towns.
Chapter 35.13. Annexation of unincorporated areas.
Chapter 35.13A. Water or sewer districts—Assumption of jurisdiction.
Chapter 35.14. Community municipal corporations.
Chapter 35.16. Reduction of city limits.
Chapter 35.17. Commission form of government.
Chapter 35.18. Council-manager plan.
Chapter 35.20. Municipal courts—Cities over four hundred thousand.
Chapter 35.21. Miscellaneous provisions.
Chapter 35.22. First-class cities.
Chapter 35.23. Second-class cities.
Chapter 35.27. Towns.
Chapter 35.30. Unclassified cities.
Chapter 35.31. Accident claims and funds.
Chapter 35.32A. Budgets in cities over three hundred thousand.
Chapter 35.33. Budgets in second and third-class cities, towns, and first-class cities under three hundred thousand.
Chapter 35.34. Biennial budgets.
Chapter 35.36. Execution of bonds by proxy—First-class cities.
Chapter 35.37. Fiscal—Cities under twenty thousand and cities other than first class—Bonds.
Chapter 35.38. Fiscal—Depositaries.
Chapter 35.39. Fiscal—Investment of funds.
Chapter 35.40. Fiscal—Validation and funding of debts.
Chapter 35.41. Fiscal—Municipal revenue bond act.
Chapter 35.42. Leases.
Chapter 35.43. Local improvements—Authority—Initiation of proceedings.
Chapter 35.44. Local improvements—Assessments and reassessments.
Chapter 35.45. Local improvements—Bonds and warrants.
Chapter 35.47. Local improvements—Procedure for cancellation of nonguaranteed bonds.
Chapter 35.48. Local improvements—Nonguaranteed bonds.
Chapter 35.49. Local improvements—Collection of assessments.
Chapter 35.50. Local improvements—Foreclosure of assessments.
Chapter 35.51. Local improvements—Classification of property—Reserve funds.
Chapter 35.53. Local improvements—Disposition of property acquired.
Chapter 35.54. Local improvements—Guaranty funds.
Chapter 35.55. Local improvements—Filling lowlands.
Chapter 35.56. Local improvements—Filling and draining lowlands—Waterways.
Chapter 35.57. Public facilities districts.
Chapter 35.58. Metropolitan municipal corporations.
Chapter 35.59. Multi-purpose community centers.
Chapter 35.60. World fairs or expositions—Participation by municipalities.
Chapter 35.61. Metropolitan park districts.
Chapter 35.62. Name—Change of.
Chapter 35.63. Planning commissions.
Chapter 35.64. Zoos and aquariums.
Chapter 35.66. Police matrons.
Chapter 35.67. Sewerage systems—Refuse collection and disposal.
Chapter 35.68. Sidewalks, gutters, curbs, and driveways—All cities and towns.
Chapter 35.69. Sidewalks—Construction, reconstruction in first and second-class cities.
Chapter 35.70. Sidewalks—Construction in second-class cities and towns.
Chapter 35.71. Pedestrian malls.
Chapter 35.72. Contracts for street, road, and highway projects.
Chapter 35.73. Street grades—Sanitary fills.
Chapter 35.74. Streets—Drawbridges.
Chapter 35.75. Streets—Bicycles—Paths.
Chapter 35.76. Streets—Budget and accounting.
Chapter 35.77. Streets—Planning, establishment, construction, and maintenance.
Chapter 35.78. Streets—Classification and design standards.
Chapter 35.79. Streets—Vacation.
Chapter 35.80. Unfit dwellings, buildings, and structures.
Chapter 35.80A. Condemnation of blighted property.
Chapter 35.81. Community renewal law.
Chapter 35.82. Housing authorities law.
Chapter 35.83. Housing cooperation law.
Chapter 35.84. Utility and other services beyond city limits.
Chapter 35.85. Viaducts, elevated roadways, tunnels and subways.
Chapter 35.86. Off-street parking facilities.
Chapter 35.86A. Off-street parking—Parking commissions.
Chapter 35.87A. Parking and business improvement areas.
Chapter 35.88. Water pollution—Protection from.
Chapter 35.89. Water redemption bonds.
Chapter 35.91. Municipal water and sewer facilities act.
Chapter 35.92. Municipal utilities.
Chapter 35.94. Sale or lease of municipal utilities.
Chapter 35.95. Public transportation systems in municipalities.
Chapter 35.95A. City transportation authority—Monorail transportation.
Chapter 35.96. Electric and communication facilities—Conversion to underground.
Chapter 35.97. Heating systems.
Chapter 35.98. Construction.
Chapter 35.99. Telecommunications, cable television service—Use of right-of-way.
Chapter 35.100. Downtown and neighborhood commercial districts.
Chapter 35.101. Tourism promotion areas.
Chapter 35.102. Municipal business and occupation tax.
Chapter 35.103. Fire departments—Performance measures.
Chapter 35.104. Health sciences and services authorities.
Chapter 35.105. Urban forest management.
Chapter 35.106. Crime-free rental housing.