Chapter 28B.07. Washington higher education facilities authority.
Chapter 28B.10. Colleges and universities generally.
Chapter 28B.12. State work-study program.
Chapter 28B.14H. Washington's future bond issue.
Chapter 28B.15. College and university fees.
Chapter 28B.20. University of Washington.
Chapter 28B.30. Washington State University.
Chapter 28B.35. Regional universities.
Chapter 28B.40. The Evergreen State College.
Chapter 28B.45. Branch campuses.
Chapter 28B.50. Community and technical colleges.
Chapter 28B.52. Collective bargaining—Academic personnel in community colleges.
Chapter 28B.63. Commercial activities by institutions of higher education.
Chapter 28B.65. High-technology education and training.
Chapter 28B.67. Customized employment training.
Chapter 28B.70. Western regional higher education compact.
Chapter 28B.76. Office of student financial assistance.
Chapter 28B.77. Student achievement council.
Chapter 28B.85. Degree-granting institutions.
Chapter 28B.90. Foreign degree-granting branch campuses.
Chapter 28B.92. State student financial aid programs.
Chapter 28B.95. Washington advanced college tuition payment program and Washington college savings program.
Chapter 28B.97. Washington higher education loan program.
Chapter 28B.102. Future teachers conditional scholarship and loan repayment program.
Chapter 28B.103. National guard conditional scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.105. GET ready for math and science scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.108. American Indian endowed scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.109. Washington international exchange scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.110. Gender equality in higher education.
Chapter 28B.112. Campus sexual violence.
Chapter 28B.115. Health professional conditional scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.116. Foster care endowed scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.117. Passport to college promise program.
Chapter 28B.118. College bound scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.119. Washington promise scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.120. Washington fund for innovation and quality in higher education program.
Chapter 28B.121. Food animal veterinarian conditional scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.122. Aerospace training student loan program.
Chapter 28B.123. Certified public accounting scholarship program.
Chapter 28B.130. Transportation demand management programs.
Chapter 28B.133. Gaining independence for students with dependents program.
Chapter 28B.135. Child care for higher education students.
Chapter 28B.140. Financing research facilities at research universities.
Chapter 28B.142. Local borrowing authority—Research universities.
Chapter 28B.145. Opportunity scholarship act.
Chapter 28B.155. Joint center for aerospace technology innovation.
Chapter 28B.156. Joint center for deployment and research in earth-abundant materials.
Chapter 28B.900. Construction.