Chapter 28A.150. General provisions.
Chapter 28A.155. Special education.
Chapter 28A.160. Student transportation.
Chapter 28A.165. Learning assistance program.
Chapter 28A.170. Substance abuse awareness program.
Chapter 28A.175. Dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval system.
Chapter 28A.180. Transitional bilingual instruction program.
Chapter 28A.185. Highly capable students.
Chapter 28A.188. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
Chapter 28A.190. Residential education programs.
Chapter 28A.193. Education programs for juvenile inmates.
Chapter 28A.194. Education programs for juveniles in adult jails.
Chapter 28A.195. Private schools.
Chapter 28A.200. Home-based instruction.
Chapter 28A.205. Education centers.
Chapter 28A.210. Health—Screening and requirements.
Chapter 28A.215. Early childhood, preschools, and before-and-after school care.
Chapter 28A.220. Traffic safety.
Chapter 28A.225. Compulsory school attendance and admission.
Chapter 28A.230. Compulsory coursework and activities.
Chapter 28A.232. Alternative learning experience courses.
Chapter 28A.235. Food services.
Chapter 28A.245. Skill centers.
Chapter 28A.250. Online learning.
Chapter 28A.300. Superintendent of public instruction.
Chapter 28A.305. State board of education.
Chapter 28A.310. Educational service districts.
Chapter 28A.315. Organization and reorganization of school districts.
Chapter 28A.320. Provisions applicable to all districts.
Chapter 28A.323. Joint school districts—School districts in two or more educational service districts.
Chapter 28A.325. Associated student bodies.
Chapter 28A.330. Provisions applicable to school districts.
Chapter 28A.335. School districts' property.
Chapter 28A.340. Small high school cooperative projects.
Chapter 28A.343. School director districts.
Chapter 28A.345. Washington state school directors' association.
Chapter 28A.400. Employees.
Chapter 28A.405. Certificated employees.
Chapter 28A.410. Certification.
Chapter 28A.415. Institutes, workshops, and training.
Chapter 28A.500. Local effort assistance.
Chapter 28A.505. School districts' budgets.
Chapter 28A.510. Apportionment to district—District accounting.
Chapter 28A.515. Common school construction fund.
Chapter 28A.520. Forest reserve funds distribution.
Chapter 28A.525. Bond issues.
Chapter 28A.527. School facilities—2008 bond issue.
Chapter 28A.530. District bonds for land, buildings, and equipment.
Chapter 28A.535. Validating indebtedness.
Chapter 28A.540. Capital fund aid by nonhigh school districts.
Chapter 28A.545. Payment to high school districts.
Chapter 28A.600. Students.
Chapter 28A.604. Student user privacy in education rights.
Chapter 28A.605. Parent access.
Chapter 28A.620. Community education programs.
Chapter 28A.623. Meal programs.
Chapter 28A.625. Awards.
Chapter 28A.630. Temporary provisions—Special projects.
Chapter 28A.635. Offenses relating to school property and personnel.
Chapter 28A.640. Sexual equality.
Chapter 28A.642. Discrimination prohibition.
Chapter 28A.645. Appeals from board.
Chapter 28A.650. Education technology.
Chapter 28A.655. Academic achievement and accountability.
Chapter 28A.657. Accountability system.
Chapter 28A.660. Alternative route teacher certification.
Chapter 28A.690. Agreement on qualifications of personnel.
Chapter 28A.700. Secondary career and technical education.
Chapter 28A.705. Interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children.
Chapter 28A.710. Charter schools.
Chapter 28A.715. State-tribal education compacts authority.
Chapter 28A.900. Construction.