Chapter 11.02. General provisions.
Chapter 11.04. Descent and distribution.
Chapter 11.05A. Uniform simultaneous death act.
Chapter 11.07. Nonprobate assets on dissolution or invalidation of marriage.
Chapter 11.08. Escheats.
Chapter 11.10. Abatement of assets.
Chapter 11.11. Testamentary disposition of nonprobate assets act.
Chapter 11.12. Wills.
Chapter 11.18. Liability of beneficiary of nonprobate asset.
Chapter 11.20. Custody, proof, and probate of wills.
Chapter 11.24. Will contests.
Chapter 11.28. Letters testamentary and of administration.
Chapter 11.32. Special administrators.
Chapter 11.36. Qualifications of personal representatives.
Chapter 11.40. Claims against estate.
Chapter 11.42. Settlement of creditor claims for estates passing without probate.
Chapter 11.44. Inventory and appraisement.
Chapter 11.48. Personal representatives—General provisions—Actions by and against.
Chapter 11.54. Family support and postdeath creditor's claim exemptions.
Chapter 11.56. Sales, exchanges, leases, mortgages, and borrowing.
Chapter 11.60. Performance of decedent's contracts.
Chapter 11.62. Small estates—Disposition of property.
Chapter 11.64. Partnership property.
Chapter 11.66. Social security benefits.
Chapter 11.68. Settlement of estates without administration.
Chapter 11.72. Distribution before settlement.
Chapter 11.76. Settlement of estates.
Chapter 11.80. Estates of absentees.
Chapter 11.84. Inheritance rights of slayers or abusers.
Chapter 11.86. Disclaimer of interests.
Chapter 11.88. Guardianship—Appointment, qualification, removal of guardians.
Chapter 11.90. Uniform adult guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction act.
Chapter 11.92. Guardianship—Powers and duties of guardian or limited guardian.
Chapter 11.94. Power of attorney.
Chapter 11.95. Powers of appointment.
Chapter 11.96A. Trust and estate dispute resolution.
Chapter 11.97. Effect of trust instrument.
Chapter 11.98. Trusts.
Chapter 11.98A. Trusts—Trustee's delegation of duties—Investments—Statutory trust advisors.
Chapter 11.99. Construction.
Chapter 11.100. Investment of trust funds.
Chapter 11.102. Common trust funds.
Chapter 11.103. Revocable trusts.
Chapter 11.104A. Washington principal and income act of 2002.
Chapter 11.106. Trustees' accounting act.
Chapter 11.108. Miscellaneous provisions for distributions made by a governing instrument.
Chapter 11.110. Charitable trusts.
Chapter 11.114. Uniform transfers to minors act.
Chapter 11.118. Trusts—Animals.
Chapter 11.120. Uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act.
Chapter 11.125. Uniform power of attorney act.